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We like beer in Canada. We really, really like it. And it’s not just a fly-by-night, sordid little affair. We’re in it long term. We spend something like $8 billion a year on beer. From barley growers to label designers, more than 170,000 Canadians owe their full-time jobs directly or indirectly to beer. The rest of us just do what we can to help.

In the long-awaited follow up to Notes on a Beermat, Pashley explores beer in Canada, covering many salient points, including chapters on

  • Frère Ambroise, Who Started It All (Unless He Didn’t)
  • Us Against Them: Canadians and Our Neighbours to the South
  • When Canadians Knew Squat: The Stubby in Our Lives
  • Beer: Isn’t It Bad for You and Bad for the Planet?
  • Ale or Lager? East Is East and West Isn’t
  • Barkeep! Gimme Another Light Dry Low-Carb Ice Beer with No Aftertaste
  • Are You a Beer Geek? (There’s No Right Answer)
  • The Future of Beer: Can I Afford to Drink Beer? (Can You Afford Not To?)

And much, much more!