Rebel School Of Wine


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An electric and visually stunning wine guide for the next generation of drinkers. This one-of-a-kind guide cuts through the snobbery to shine a light on every aspect of wine, including the nuance of making and fermenting wine, the different regions, and of course how to order, identify, drink, and enjoy wine.

From the entrepreneur behind traveling wine festival Wine Riot and interactive pop-up bar Rosé Mansion comes the most fun guide to wine you’ll ever read. Wine knowledge no longer gets to be gatekept by the older generation; Rebel School of Wine opens the floodgates and pops the Champagne for a new generation of drinkers. With beautiful illustrations, dynamic graphics, and all the information you could ever need on wine, this comprehensive guidebook will leave you with the confidence to order at even the most delicate of dinners or shop at the bougiest of wine stores.

Cheeky but also reliable, aspirational but inclusive, this book is easy to understand yet still filled with expert-level knowledge. It covers:

  • How wine is made; who makes it; and how to select a bottle you’ll like off the shelf
  • All the basics are there too, like the history, the different winemaking regions across the globe, and the flavor subtleties of different grapes and blends.
  • Modern concerns about wine, like how climate change plays a role in wine development, how capitalism has driven up the price per bottle, and how a new generation of winemakers are revolutionizing the market from top to bottom.

This is a new, fresh guide to wine, addressing contemporary questions and concerns in one beautiful package.