Second Generation


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From the chef and owner of Agi’s Counter in Brooklyn comes 100 classic Hungarian and Jewish recipes reinvented for a new generation.

Growing up a second-generation Hungarian Jew meant Jeremy Salamon spent a lot of time with family, gathered around a good meal. Jeremy honored both his grandmothers, Agi and Arlene, in 2021 by opening up his restaurant Agi’s Counter in Brooklyn where he carries on the culture, flavors, and recipes from his heritage. He’s reimagined those traditions with an eye towards seasonality, market-driven ingredients, and a touch of American influence, plus the technical expertise of a career spent in some of New York’s best kitchens.

In Second Generation, traditional Hungarian classics like Meggyleves, a Sour Cherry Soup, are updated with a twenty-first-century point of view. Agi’s Counter staples like the Tuna Melt, Caraway Caesar Salad, and the Chilled Buttermilk Borscht bring your favorite diner counter straight to your kitchen. And Jeremy’s reinventions like Nokedli Cacio e Pepe and Körözött-Stuffed Squash Blossoms reimagine Hungarian flavors for the forward-thinking cook.

Second Generation covers not just main and side dishes, but desserts, drinks, noshes, pantry staples, and remedies—the secret recipes to reach for in times of need. With tips from a professional chef curated for the home cook, these recipes are streamlined and accessible for all levels of expertise in the kitchen. This book is made for anyone, whether you hold Eastern-European flavors near or are looking to expand your weekly rotation. Second Generation is a testament to a grandmother’s wisdom, cooking from the heart, and sharing it with the next generation.