Sood Family Cook Book


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A cookbook with a difference, with unique recipes and the memories behind a diverse and global family of 56 people The Sood Family Cookbook began its journey as a three-ring binder shared among some seventy members of the Sood family and their close friends. As friends of friends and new members of the family began to demand more copies, this second version was created, with more recipes, each beautifully illustrated. Within these pages are 101 unique recipes gathered from the collective memories of the Sood family, which came down from the mountains of Simla to New Delhi three generations ago. Some of them moved away to places as far removed as Toronto and Perth, while others brought home partners from New York and Boston. And so, pahaadi, Bengali, Italian, Thai, Swiss and other global stylings, all come together here to make a delicious potpourri food when you are sick and want to be pampered, food that is healthy without making you feel martyred, chutneys with oomph and some grogs that the Sood family has created and imbibed over the years. This is a book for every family, and for every young adult leaving home for college or to set up their own home anywhere in the world.