Still There Was Bread


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A joyful, lyrical picture book celebration of a treasured family recipe and the traditions that nourish us, body and spirit—and a delicious reminder that warm, fresh-baked food feels like a hug when you really need one—from acclaimed author Lisl H. Detlefsen and the bestselling illustrator of Ladybug Girl, David Soman. 

Perfect for family sharing and readers who love Fry Bread by Kevin Noble Maillard and Thunder Cake by Patricia Polacco!

Nana is coming to visit! She’s going to teach Little Pickle to make her famous “Nana rolls”—a special bread recipe that Nana’s nana taught her. Together, they gather ingredients: eggs and milk, flour and oil, sugar and salt, yeast and water.

As they mix them together to form the dough, Nana shares stories about how making this treasured family recipe has changed over the years—and how it’s sustained their family through good times and hard ones. And through the times when they could be together—and the times when they couldn’t. Because sometimes a simple loaf of bread can mean so much more.