Taste Vs Fat


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Your guide to the best of the "lights." Finding low-fat and fat-free brand-name foods that taste good doesn't have to be a guessing game. Registered dietitian Elaine Magee has conducted taste tests for everything from salad dressings to frozen dinners, and shares the results in this handy guide that reveals the best and worst low-fat and fat-free products in the supermarket. You'll save time and money by knowing which foods to try and which to avoid. Taste vs. Fat includes rankings and tasters' comments in a variety of categories, including: * Cookies, crackers, and chips * Frozen dinners and pizzas * Cold cuts and meats * Dairy products * Baking mixes The book also includes tips on avoiding products that are fat free but high in sugar and calories, understanding nutrition claims on food labels, and preparing mixes with less fat.